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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Fdo013406.jpg.jpg29-Sep-1994Héctor Hurtado-
FDO022553.jpg.jpg1990Albeiro 'El Palomo' Usuriaga González, Carlos A.
FDO022554.jpg.jpg10-Jul-1991Albeiro 'El Palomo' Usuriaga González, Carlos A.
FDO023967.jpg.jpg1990Víctor Hugo Espinosa PatiñoGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO023966.jpg.jpg1990Víctor Hugo Espinosa PatiñoGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO023968.jpg.jpg1990Víctor Hugo Espinosa PatiñoGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO023989.jpg.jpg1990Enrique Simón EsterillaGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO023988.jpg.jpg24-Dec-1991Enrique Simón EsterillaGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO024036.jpg.jpg14-Jan-1992Wilmer OrtegónGonzález, Carlos A.
FDO024035.jpg.jpg27-Jun-1992Luis Eduardo OspinaGonzález, Carlos A.