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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
FDO021717.jpg.jpg8-Oct-1984Violencia y agresividad en los futbolistasLópez, Luis
FDO019397.jpg.jpg16-Aug-1984Ataca AmericaLópez, Luis
FDO019412.jpg.jpg17-Aug-1984Sigue el InvictoLópez, Luis
FDO019439.jpg.jpg15-Aug-1985Primer GolLópez, Luis
FDO019429.jpg.jpg4-Mar-1985EntreveroLópez, Luis
FDO019433.jpg.jpg19-Aug-1985Con todo a WillyLópez, Luis
FDO019437.jpg.jpg22-Jul-1985Bosque de PiernasLópez, Luis
FDO019434.jpg.jpg1980America de CaliLópez, Luis
FDO019424.jpg.jpg8-Apr-1985America vs QuindioLópez, Luis
FDO019423.jpg.jpg1980America vs TolimaLópez, Luis